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Paste into a reply to this message by pressing command-V. The log contains a vast amount of information, almost all of it useless for solving any particular problem. When posting a log extract, be selective. A few dozen lines are almost always more than enough. Please don't indiscriminately dump thousands of lines from the log into this discussion.

When you post the log extract, you might see an error message on the web page: Please post the text on Pastebin , then post a link here to the page you created. Apr 8, 1: Again today Finder froze twice, nothing much is working on the iMac i3 , El Cap. Distnoted is a perfectly benign process, but it can occasionally consume resources and make your Mac slow down.

Instead, use Activity Monitor to see what apps are running — not just system processes. Quit one app at a time and see if the distnoted activity dies down as well. Apr 17, 3: I too have started having trouble with distnoted. First time I noticed it, it just sat there consuming all available CPU for a few minutes before calming down again. Second time the computer completely locked up. Whenever I brought an application to the foreground it'd work for a short while and then the UI would lock up and I'd get the spinning beachball.

I let it sit overnight to see if it would clear up like it did previously. It didn't. Instead the keyboard stopped working. I could still use the mouse to launch applications — at least for as long as Finder was still working — but they would still lock up after a short while. In the end I had to do a force shutdown using the power button.

I've skimmed through the system log, but there's just too many messages and I don't know what to look for.

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Apr 22, 2: Since running It hangs times per working day, and the pattern is always the same. I might be just in time to kill the disunited process, which returns the Air to a normal state immediately. However, if I am too late, the spinning beach ball takes over and the machine can only be recovered by turning it off. Every now and then, the machine seems to be able to recover itself without killing distnoted.

In those cases, the menu bar which is frozen from the moment the problem starts is reloaded all menu icons disappear and then appear again. It is extremely annoying, especially in the office. I return from a meeting to find my Mac with fans screaming, so I need to do the switch off-boot slow loop that takes quite some time. On all Macs, the OS and all apps are updated to the latest versions. Apr 25, 3: Same as last model It is a pain that this laptop is not like the old version in functionality.

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It freezes all the time! I'm working and suddenly the OS becomes unresponsive. I closed it and the everything went back to normal. But I don't even know what is Distnoted for. Do I need to keep it open? Apple Support. Is it my laptop? Is the the OS Capitan? I've been with the new laptop almost a month and I'm about to return it and switch it for a new one at apple Store. Please respond asap. Apr 25, 4: Since this is a new Mac, you get free Telephone support.

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If you want a comment from Apple, I suggest you use your free support. Apr 28, Today I had the distnoted process run amok again, consuming all available CPU. I opened Activity Monitor but it froze before I could locate distnoted, just like last time. I did however manage to successfully run " sudo killall distnoted " from the Terminal. The computer returned to normal after a few seconds. Apr 28, 1: I did call Apple Support and they don't even know if it is a hardware issue or OS.

Apr 29, 2: I don't believe this is an hardware issue. It started around or after the moment I upgraded from My MacBook Air is a mid 13" with an i7. In this thread, I see many other Macs with the same issue, some of them brand new. I am sure it is caused or triggered by something in the latest El Capitan upgrade. Apple, are you listening????

This bug makes my MacBook close to unusable. About every hours, it occurs. If I am not really quick with killing the 'distnoted' process in the terminal, the only way out is a reboot. Did anyone mention that there is a standard order in how the system freezes? If you than start quitting applications with the mouse, sometimes you can get out of the loop. But more often, the apps also start to freeze and then it is too late. When you do succeed in unfreezing the Mac either by quitting apps or by killing distnoted , the first thing youl notice is that all menu bar widgets are being reloaded.

I have become so paranoid nowadays that I have a 'sudo killall -9 distnoted' command already waiting for a return in the terminal Apr 29, 5: I killed it and everything went back to normal. You have around 20 to 30 seconds to kill distnoted before the computer completely freezes. Apr 29, 6: You are not paying attention. While at work I have Bluetooth Headphones connected all the time. Some days I listen for hours, some days not so much.

But I can't see a correlation between the hangups. I also had them when at home without the BT Headphones. And since disabling bartender I still haven't had any incidents for now. I guess there are several things that can trigger the problem and bartender is one of them. When I tried disabling Bartender that didn't work for me.

I also tried disabling Growl which I was using mainly to passively keep up with my Twitter TL and that didn't work either. I've since stopped using Growl altogether. It hasn't been updated since Oct. I've configured Twitter to no longer send a notification for every tweet in case that is overloading the notification system. I had to kill it 3 times yesterday. I've done a complete backup in case I decide to nuke it from orbit and to a full reinstall of the OS. But I really don't want to go there. Because from what I can find on the interwebs I've seen 1 person say that fixed it and a couple of others who said not so much.

And that's a lot of hassle for something that may not even work. Especially since iCloud Photo Library doesn't seem smart enough to realize when it's already synced up. On an unrelated issue I had to simply log out of iCloud to resolve it. But when I logged back in Photos decided to re-upload all 60k items back up to iCloud Photo Library even though nothing had changed.

It took nearly a week. So you can imagine how loathe I am to do a reinstall. In any event, given your experience in going to disable Bartender again and see how that goes. Yes I suspect it is a combination of factors. In the meantime I had the first distnoted incident without bartender - but once in about 2 to 3 weeks, I can live with that much better than times a day.

I really hope this gets solved soon. It's frustrating because it's so hard to pin down causation.

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I wouldn't be surprised if the limited reports of rebuilds fixing the issue are related to the rebuild process itself - people go about laying down the apps they need, and the problem resurfaces somewhere along the way. I'm starting to think this issue can manifest during App Nap - twice now, I've found my Macbook ever so slightly warm when grabbing it, and it's extremely slow to wake from sleep, and when it does, I'm eventually greeted by the black screen of death.

No way of knowing what's going on underneath the covers, since I can't get in to check, but its the other significant issue I have now on this machine, which is a fresh build when I got it a few weeks back.

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For the "not getting into it" issue, you could try activating "Remote Login" in the sharing system preferences and then using a SSH client on another machine, tablet or smartphone to access the commandline. This approach often works when everything else on the machine is unresponsive. It might be slow if the machine is hung up on something like the distnoted issue but it often works.

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At least you could use 'top' on the commandline to see what hogs the CPU - and the good old 'sudo reboot' helps restarting the machine. For whatever reason, I've been having this issue more frequently, almost once a day on average the past week. In the last crash on Sat, I noticed a beach ball in the Calendar.

Hard to say if the machine is even responsive at that point - it's on its way to a kernel panic. I guess I could enable SSH and see. I just disabled Power Nap, it's a bit of a silly feature really, and I don't think it really brings that much benefit anyways. If you're googling for information on this, you probably want to look for "Power Nap" ugh, what a name or "dark wake". App Nap is a different unrelated feature throttling how quickly timers can fire in hidden apps. Runaway happened again just now.

Back to the drawing board. If anyone sees distnoted issues like this in the macOS betas, drop me a note please? I'd be interested in digging into it some if it still happens. I don't have access to the macOS beta. And I can neither confirm nor deny if I have access to any other beta. Suffice it to say that I remain hopeful for future efforts. Dumb question, but curious none the less Does anyone experiencing this issue have any type of antivirus software or any other type of "monitoring" software running?

A while ago, I had serious issues with Sophos. I currently have Adguard for OS X installed but no other monitoring software, and I had this problem before using Adguard.

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