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Safari has long been a standard feature on Mac computers. Here's how to manage Safari on a Mac. To clear your Safari browsing history, cookies and other site-specific data that's been stored locally:. If you sync your Safari data with any Apple mobile devices via iCloud, the history on those devices is cleared as well.

The only distinguishing feature of the new window is that the address bar is tinted dark gray. The browsing history for all tabs in this window is private. When you close the Private Window, Safari won't remember your search history, the web pages you visited, or any Autofill information. To manage the Safari browsing history on an iOS device:.

If you want to clear out the browsing history:. Clearing the history removes history, cookies and other browsing data. If your iOS device is signed into your iCloud account, the browsing history will be removed from other devices that are signed in. Share Pin Email.

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Scott Orgera has been a tech journalist since Updated October 24, Click the Safari icon in the dock to open the browser. To clear your Safari browsing history, cookies and other site-specific data that's been stored locally: Select the period you want to clear from the drop-down menu. Options are: Scroll through the list and select a website for which you want to delete the cookie, or other website data.

Click Remove. If you know which site for which you want to delete the cookies, use the Search box at the top of the dialog box. You can also select multiple sites using the Shift and Command keys and click Remove. When you visit a website, files are downloaded to your computer for displaying the website.

So what is Read More , which is a temporary storage location on your hard drive. Why do browsers store these files?

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When you go back to a website, the browser checks which content was updated since the last time you visited. Only updated files or files not already stored in the cache are downloaded. This allows websites to load faster, which can be helpful if you are surfing over a slow or limited internet connection. Your browser cache can get very large over time and eat up a lot of space on your hard drive. To empty the cache in Safari, you need the Develop menu, which you may not see on the menu bar.

How to Access & Search Safari History on Mac

Then, check the Show Develop menu in menu bar box. Once you see the Develop menu, close all Safari windows, leaving the Safari menu bar in place keep the browser focused. Any websites you visit after emptying caches will take a bit longer to load, because all the files for the site have to be downloaded again. Here's How to Turn It Off Autofill is a convenient browser feature, but a big exploit was recently found that could result in you giving away more info than you thought.

Here's how to disable it and stay safe. The sensible option is to use a password manager -- but which is best? Read More to store login information, credit card numbers, and other sensitive information. Uncheck the four boxes on the AutoFill screen.

Click the Edit button to the right of the data type you want to delete. For example, when we click Edit to the right of the User names and password check box, we are taken to the Passwords screen in Safari Preferences. To access Safari passwords, you must enter your user password. Then, you can select a website and click Remove.

Use the Shift and Command keys to select multiple websites you want to remove. If you use AutoFill, but the forms on a website are being filled with the wrong information, you can change the information for that website. Double-click on the User Name or Password you want to change and make the desired change. You can also change the Website URLs.

How to view recent Safari history on your Mac

Browsing history, cookies, and cache can make your browsing experience more convenient. They can also compromise your privacy. You can also use private browsing in Safari which prevents any browsing data from being stored on your Mac. Here are the best anonymous web browsers to use. Basically, your private information is a hot commodity, and that includes your browsing data.

Your ISP is about to set a price for your personal data. How can we fight back? Read More when connecting to the internet. How do you protect yourself online? How often do you clear your browsing data and history? Share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments below.

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